Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some facts and figures

An estimated 1500 - 2000 people came.

Between us, we ate:
1425 hot-dogs
400+ snow cones
600+ donuts
145 of bags of popcorn
20 pizzas

we drank:
1000+ bottles of water
800 cartons of milk
100's of bottles of designer tea .

An estimated $3,000 worth of groceries was completely cleared in fifteen minutes, together with two picnic tables piled with fresh garden produce.

We started with a tent full of furniture and toys, and a picnic shelter full of assorted household goods and treasures. We were left with less than a pick-up load of nicknacks and a couple of old TV's - everything else was needed.

We began with a picnic shelter 25' by 40' full of good clothing. With a double run of hanging wire along both sides, and the inside lined with tables. The hanging was full, the tables were piled high. We were left with less than a pick-up load of clothing to take to the Thrift Store.

Our $400 of school supplies was completely cleared.

People made good use of the social service, health and wellness, safety, animal care and financial advise available. The audiences greatly appreciated the music of our six live acts.

We had no rain, and the weather was perfect.

The children enjoyed the Barrel Train, the face-painters, the hands-on Art, the carnival games and the Bouncey Castle.

People were very respectful of oneanother's needs, there was no pushing, no shoving, no grabbing - it bore no resemblance to the opening hours of the retail Sales!

A major point of wonder - the grounds were left spotless.
Two hours after the Market ended, a refreshing rain fell.

The whole event was staged for less than $150 (a $75 manpower charge by Parks and Recreation and $75 to hire a portable toilet). This was because so many organizations and individuals gave their time, talents and goods at no cost. How do we assess their contribution? Priceless!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We have free goods, free advice, free fun and free snacks.

Thanks to the generous help of many people, we already have much in place.

We have the venue.

We have snacks.

We have a lot of fun things for the kids,
and for the young at heart.

We have live music.

We have art.

And we have a rich range of advice and help for families.


For people to bring all that good stuff they are ready to give away.

And for everyone to come and enjoy a free day out!!!