Monday, June 1, 2009


Friday 24th July
The Park will be open for people to drop-off items from 3-8 pm.
Saturday 25th July
The Park will be open to drop-off items from 6 am. onwards;
but the Market does not start until 8 am.

Left Over Items
We are not expecting any left-over items, but if there should be any:
All food will go to the Food Banks.
All suitable children's clothing will be given to Shenandoah Pregnancy Center, and other clothes to local Thrift Stores.
The Edinburg Boy Scouts who are our volunteer clean-up crew will take other items for their Fall Sale.

Cash Donations
We appreciate that some organizations are not set up to donate goods or services, but would like to assist with a cash donation.

Be assured this is not a fund-raising event. Every cent donated will be used to add to what is available for needy families at the Market.

Checks should be made to Edinburg Christian Church with the notation 'For the benefit of the Edinburg Really Really Free Market.' Edinburg Christian Church is a 501c3 entity.

Help needed
24th July 3-8pm

Transporting donated goods to the Park.

Organizing pick-up areas.

25th July

Transporting people to the Market.

Helping keep the pick-up areas loaded and tidy,
loading goods out of the market.

23rd JULY
7 pm Edinburg Christian Church
210 Center Street

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