Monday, June 1, 2009

Together we can make a huge difference

Saturday 25th July will see the first Really Really Free Market in our area. It will be held in Edinburg Town Park and School. What is a Really Really Free Market? It is an event where people bring what they are willing to give away - their goods and their talents. And people pick up whatever they want at no cost. No money changes hands; there is no bartering and no exchange. In today's straitened times, it will provide the folks of Shenandoah County with an opportunity to come together, to care, to share, to have fun and relaxation- all at no cost.

We have no doubt that there will be plenty of clothing, furniture, books, household goods and toys brought by people who are happy to give away items that they no longer need. We will be appealing to people with fresh garden produce to bring any they can spare. And we are searching for other food and consumables that people in need can pick up for nothing.

There will be range of free medical screening and health care advice, social services information and free financial advice. There will be child DNA recording and finger-printing and safety advice.

We want to create a fun day out, with food and lots to enjoy. We are approaching local businesses, corporations and organizations to see what help they can provide. This is a new venture for our area. We know that we are touching a nerve. People are eager to help.

We also know this is something far bigger than the small group of people with the original idea. What we have so far achieved is due in large part to those who have joined us.

There are people up and down the county who need a Really Really Free Market. Can you help? Do you have goods to give away? A truck to help haul? Do you know needy people who you can bring to the Market? Can you help organize, lift or tote? Do you have wonderful ideas or useful contacts we know nothing about?

Everyone is welcome!
Join us!


Two problems with a single solution!

Problem 1 - Too much stuff!

Are you out of closet space? Is your basement crammed with boxes that the movers carried in years ago but you have never got around to unpacking? Are your rafters groaning under the weight of stuff that you know you will never use but which is far too good to throw away? Do your kids have enough spare school supplies to sink a battleship? Do you have too many clothes? Too many books? Toys and clothes that your children have outgrown? Duplicate tools? Things that your kids left behind when they left home which somehow they now see as yours?

Wouldn't your life be easier if only you could find a good home for all the stuff you really don't need?

The solution? Unclutter your home, your shed, and your garage. Bring your good stuff to the Edinburg Really Really Free Market, and let someone who needs it take it home.

Wouldn't it give you a warm feeling to know it had found a good home?

Wouldn't you just revel in that extra space?

Problem 2 - Not enough stuff!

Have your children outgrown the clothes they have, but you have no money to buy them what they need? Are you without basic furniture? Is your family short of household items? Food? School supplies? Toys?

When was the last time you could afford a day out with hot dogs, snacks and entertainment?

We are not promising Busch Gardens, but the Edinburg Really Really Free Market will be a fun event with food, music and entertainment. The day is absolutely free. Pick up whatever you can use. Truly, everything is free. This includes health, social service, financial and safety advice.

Coming together to make it happen

People are only too aware of the financial difficulties besetting their neighbors in Shenandoah County. There are many parents out of work, and many families who have lost their home.

This is a difficult and sad summer for many people. It would be very easy to decide that the problem is just too big.

We know we cannot solve all of the problems with a single event, but surely we can help! This is the momentum behind the Edinburg Really Really Free Market.

If everyone gives what they can, together we can make a huge difference.

We are looking to businesses and corporations, church and civic groups to provide the snacks, services and entertainment. Some are donating their services, some are donating goods, and some are helping with the costs of mounting and advertizing the event.

NOW, we need the help of hundreds of people across Shenandoah County to make the huge free yard sale a reality.

Get on board! Spread the word!

[Adapted from an article on (June 25-28)]


Final week!

With the Market days away, we sometimes get fixated on what we cannot control- Will we have enough furniture, clothing and supplies to meet people's needs? Who will come? Will we have enough food? Will we have enough help?

At such times, it is good to remember how much of our dream is already in place, and to remind ourselves of the perils of dreaming too small! To this end we leave you with the story of The Moth who Fell in Love with a Star.

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  1. I think this is a wonderfu idea....I have marked it in my date book and will be there for sure....I am going to start in my closet this evening cleaning out what I don't need, I know someone will find use for it. God Bless the person or persons behind this super-fantastic idea!!!!! Sheila, Mt. Jackson